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8 Safe Tips To Use Dog Wheelchair

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When your dog can walk in a wheelchair for the first time, it is a very exciting thing, but we should also note that using a dog wheelchair also requires some skills to ensure that your dog can walk safely.

8 Safe Tips To Use Dog Wheelchair


Always Monitor Your Dogs

Don’t think that your dog does not need any supervision after using a dog wheelchair. This is very wrong. The wheelchair just helps the dog to perform the required exercises. If they are tired, they need your help to lie down and rest. Don’t Keep the dog out of your sight.

Space Realization

Because the dog wheelchair is wider than the dog itself, it takes time for the dog to get familiar with the surrounding space. Even an experienced wheelchair dog can have wheel collision problems when turning, which is a headache.

So when your dog is using the HiHydro Dog Wheelchair, please let them move outdoors so that they can move freely without worrying about bumping into something, which can help them adapt to the dog wheelchair faster.

Creat Positive Experience

The way to make a dog fall in love with a wheelchair is to constantly create some motivational motivations. This will make the dog fall in love with the feeling of walking in a wheelchair.

Find out the motivation that stimulates the dog to fall in love with the wheelchair. If it is because of diet, then when they sit Encourage feeding when they are in a wheelchair. If they learn to walk and defecate in a wheelchair, they also need to be rewarded.

Constant praise will make the dog prefer wheelchairs more and more.

Keep Away From Stairs

Don’t let your dog go up and down stairs in a wheelchair. This will cause harm to your dog’s body. If your dog needs to go up and downstairs, you can use Dog Lift Harness, but don’t let your dog go up and down stairs in a wheelchair.


Check The Wheelchair If Avaliable

Always check to make sure that your dog’s seat belt and wheelchair are properly adjusted. Just like the human, your dog’s body will change over time. They may lose muscle mass or weight, and even thin out their hair. All of these will affect the way the belt and harness are installed.

A loose seat belt or foot loop may mean that your dog is not getting the support it needs. Too tight a harness may cause friction. Next time when you put your dog in the HiHydro Dog Wheelchair, do a second and two inspections to make sure everything still looks comfortable.

Give Your Dog More Time

It’s not easy for a dog to take the first step, but it’s really exciting to watch your dog take the first step. Your dog will also be excited but don’t overwork your dog for the first time because Your dog hasn’t walked on its own for a long time, and it will take some time to re-enhance their endurance.

Try not to let your dog run around in the first place. Do it step by step. It’s best to let them walk at the beginning and then run.

Understand The Limitation

Many dogs start running as soon as they get in a wheelchair. Because their hind legs are paralyzed or weak, they often fall, they can run again with the help of a wheelchair, and other dogs will need some time to understand how their wheelchair works.

For some dogs, the first time they see a wheelchair may feel unfamiliar and they need to be patient and allow some time for the dog to adapt.

A good practice is to put the dog and the wheelchair in the same room so that they can see the wheelchair every day, and if they come forward to touch the wheelchair, praise them in time. Let them get used to wearing seat belts first, and then slowly transfer to a wheelchair.

Maintain Dog Wheelchair

Dog wheelchairs also need to be maintained. Check once or twice a year to ensure that there are no problems with the dog wheelchair.

Special attention is to check the tires. As time goes by, the tires of the dog wheelchair will be worn to different degrees. If you find that the tires are severely worn, replace the tires in time, and if the screws are loose, tighten them in time.

Keeping the wheelchair in perfect condition can make the dog more comfortable when moving.


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