Our History

  • 2016

    Start Up Inspired My IVDD Dog

    In 2016, my baby dog Chicago got IVDD which made him lost his walking ability. I took him to the Vet, after diagnosis, the vet told me I need to put him down. But I bought a wheelchair for him.

    The wheelchair really helped him walk again after putting him in it, however, the price is pretty expensive, I spent $280 for the wheelchair, which inspired me why do not start up a factory that offers affordable wheelchair?

  • 2017

    hihydrodogwheelchair.com Launched

    After 1-year preparation, hihydrodogwheelchair.com launched as well as our first dog wheelchair came out on 24th, May 2017.

    dog wheelchair 1

    Thanks to my wife, Nancy, she gave me a lot of encouragement every time I was trapped in upset.

    Also, thanks to  my partner Wallance, is an excellent vet who taught me a lot of knowledge about dog


  • 2018

    R&D team built

    We built our R&D team in 2018. We continue to listen to feedback from customers, improve our products as soon as possible, and constantly upgrade our products

  • 2020

    New Generation Wheelchair Launched

    We released the latest generation of dog wheelchair HiHydro. This product is made of lighter space aluminum and can be adjusted in height and width


  • 2021

    From the launch of the first product to today, we have sold more than 2,000 wheelchairs, and we have never stopped moving forward.
    We will continue to improve our products and provide better services.