We Offer 10% Commission to these affiliate marketers who are interested in promoting our dog wheelchair products.


    How to register dog wheelchair affiliate account

  1. Click the register link to the affiliate register page
  2. Fill in the information on the register page
  3. We will review your application, you will receive the email include the user name and password which was randomly generated if your account will be approved.

         How to set up affiliate links

  1. Log into your affiliate account
  2. After login to your account, click the Creatives tab, you will find the affiliate referral links
  3. You will find the default affiliate link which indicates your affiliate ID in the url
  4. Put any url of page on our website into the Referral URL Generator then click Generate Referral URL button below.

For instance, I pasted one of products URL into the Referral URL Generator

After that, I got the affiliate link for the specific product

You can use this link as an anchor text link in your website or any post of your website. Anyone who will place the order through your affiliate link, You will get 10% commission for each order.

What if my customer buys the other items through my affiliate links?

No worries, whatever does the customer buy, you can always get the commission once the customer clicks your referral links.

How long are the affiliate links cookies valid?

30 days. However, if the visitors clean the browser cookies, the affiliate cookies will be invalid.

What payment do you accept to pay my commission?


Is the track data of my affiliate links accurate?

Yes, you can check all the data of clicks and impressions just in the overview tab in your affiliate account.