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8 Safe Tips To Use Dog Wheelchair

When your dog can walk in a wheelchair for the first time, it is a very exciting thing, but we should also note that using a dog wheelchair also requires some skills to ensure that your dog can walk safely. 8 Safe Tips To Use Dog Wheelchair   Always Monitor Your Dogs Don’t think that […]

How To Get Your Dog Used To Wheelchair

If your dog loses the ability to walk on its hind legs because of IVDD, giving your dog a wheelchair will change their life. It will not only help your dog walk and run, but also improve their body and mind. In addition, having a dog wheelchair can also increase strength and endurance and keep […]

Tips Of Caring For Your Dogs With IVDD

If your dog is diagnosed with a herniated lumbar intervertebral disc, you will definitely feel sad and don’t know what to do to make the dog feel comfortable. The following methods can make your dog slowly recover from IVDD.   Best Way To Lift A IVDD Dog Using the lift harness is a good way […]

How to Train Your Dog To Use A Dog Wheelchair

Many people assume that once they bring home the appropriate wheelchair for their dog, their dog will quickly understand the value of this new device to help them get around and will take to it readily. Some dogs do quickly take to the dog wheelchair, but most require some time to adjust to this new […]

Where To Buy Dog Wheelchairs-Dog Wheelchair Review

It was very sad when our beloved dogs become handicapped one day. There are a couple of reasons that our dogs become handicapped: Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) – Deterioration of the discs, or pads that cushion the vertebrae of the spine. Muscle soreness – Due to age, injury, not enough exercise, diet, and more. Degenerative […]