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At present, one of the more common chronic diseases people face is arthritis. For all of us, it’s important to note that arthritis is a problem that affects both pets and people. Dogs are important family members and it is very painful to see dogs in pain. However, this is what happens when you get arthritis.

What causes dog arthritis

What is arthritis? Arthritis is an inflammatory disease in which the body’s immune system is overworked. If this happens, the inflammation can get out of control.

It causes the body itself to break down its own cartilage, causing joint discomfort. If the body doesn’t have this cartilage, the bones rub against each other. It causes the bones to degrade, and over time, it causes pain and further inflammation, which, if not attended to, gets worse and worse. So it’s important for pet owners to know how to help their arthritic dogs.

Understanding a comprehensive approach to arthritis can go a long way towards improving the quality of life of dogs and making them healthier and more active!

Regular checkups are critical

So the prevention of chronic disease in dogs, the most important is the prevention of care, at least once a year to see a veterinarian. This allows veterinarians to better monitor the development of arthritis in their pets.

With a physical exam, veterinarians can learn the signs and symptoms of arthritis before the pet owner notices. This allows the veterinarian to be informed of the situation at the first opportunity and to plan treatment accordingly, thereby improving the quality of life of the dog.

Veterinarians can also continuously optimize the tracking of arthritis, constantly observe the changes, and make adjustments accordingly, treatment.

Weight control is key

Keeping Dogs Slim and healthy during the treatment of arthritis has been one of the most effective strategies. Treatment of joints is to reduce inflammation and joint pressure, together with a reasonable diet to help alleviate the disease.

Pet owners need to make sure they eat healthy. By losing weight, you can reduce the pressure between your joints. A targeted diet can reduce inflammation throughout the pet’s body. Further slows cartilage degeneration, eliminating the stress of overwork in dogs with arthritis.

Invest in physical therapy for dog

Pet owners need to work better with veterinarians to find physical therapy suitable for dogs with arthritis. Although it can be difficult for a dog to exercise when it has joint pain, it is important to exercise when necessary.

Because it can enhance the health of muscles, ligaments and tendons in and around joints.As these tissues get stronger, the bones do less work. This means more opportunities for rest and rehabilitation for the joints. To make sure the dog can play in a strong place. Can greatly reduce the chance of your pet getting hurt while walking, running or playing.

Dog lift seat belt

For those suffering from arthritis, another effective treatment is to use dog-drawn seat belts, such as  Lift hand-held seat belts. It’s a device that wraps the dog’s body on the other side and has a long handle.

The advantage of the dog lift seat belt is that it can help pet owners provide a way to reduce the pressure on the dog’s limbs, especially when standing or pushing back.

Pet owners can easily help the dog lift, reducing the weight on the dog’s legs, hips or spine. This lift also increases the space between the joints. This further prevents the surfaces of the bones from rubbing against each other, thus helping the dog reduce pain and inflammation.

Sometimes, a dog’s seat belt is especially good for lifting. Can easily help a dog up or down a set of stairs, help a dog in difficulty get on or off the car, or even help the dog to the toilet. For dogs with arthritis, such routine tasks are likely to be difficult. Pulling on a dog’s seat belt can help minimize stress and help the dog get better.

Rely on a dog wheelchair

For some dogs, a dog wheelchair is a better choice. There has been a lot of progress in canine wheelchairs over the last few years. The dog wheelchair is more versatile, durable and comfortable. A perfect example is the HiHydro Dog wheelchair .

rear support dog wheelchair

The benefits of a dog wheelchair can improve a dog’s posture, reduce joint pain, and further increase activity levels and mobility. In addition, these wheelchairs can be used for a wide range of purposes, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, paralysis and acute injury in dogs.

However, not all dog wheelchairs are the same. Finding a wheelchair that fits a dog is important because each dog’s condition is different in size. Focus on the wheels, then consider whether the foam wheels or the synthetic tires would be better.

The foam wheels are somewhat more durable and less likely to puncture; however, pneumatic tires provide better suspension performance and allow dogs to drive more easily.

Finally, consider the use of a fully adjustable wheelchair, the wheelchair can be adjusted according to the user class size, better meet the needs of the dog. So a dog wheelchair is a great solution for pets with arthritis.

Keep your dog warm

Please help the dog to keep warm. Cold can aggravate an arthritic joint. Cold temperatures can cause the body’s tissues to contract, which can irritate the joints and put more pressure on them, worsening the condition.

A blanket can be used to keep the dog warm, a padded dog bed can be purchased, and a warm compress can be used to soothe irritated joints. When a dog with arthritis is kept warm, it can help relieve pain at the lowest level.

Discuss medication options with your veterinarian

It is also wise to discuss your drug choice with a professional veterinarian. As for painkillers, the mantra is start low and work your way down. As a result, veterinarians often begin treatment with a drug called an NSAID.

These are similar to Thénoz and Motrin in reducing inflammation in dogs with arthritis. Later, veterinarians are likely to increase the amount of medication available to provide better options. But they are discussed with the veterinarian on a case-by-case basis.

The solution can be applied to all dogs with arthritis

These are some of the options available to help dogs with arthritis. When we see arthritic dogs living in pain, we can use the above solutions to understand and treat arthritis, a chronic disease, in many ways, to help pet owners and health care providers cope with arthritis in their dogs more easily.