How To Choose A Dog Bed

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One third of a person’s time is spent in sleep, so the importance of the bed is self-evident. For our good friend dogs, the bed is not only their bed but also space for them to rest and relax. Therefore, choosing a suitable dog bed is very important so that the dog can rest and relax better.

Do dogs need beds?

Many modern people keep dogs indoors, and now many dogs no longer need to worry about being attacked by external enemies. Even so, the dog still needs a bed as a place to rest and relax. An ideal dog bed can improve the sleep quality of dogs. Don’t look at the energetic dogs on weekdays, they are actually animals that need long sleep and need to rest for 12-14 hours a day. Therefore, a good rest in the dog bed can make the dog better rest and prepare for the next activities.

What Are The Common Types of Dog Beds

Square Dog Beds

square dog bed

One of the common types of beds on the market is the box-shaped square bed. This kind of bed is surrounded and looks like a very shallow box. Dogs can use the edge as a pillow and sleep with their head on the edge. The mat in the middle of the bed is usually detachable, which is more convenient for cleaning.


Dome shape Dog Beds

dome shaped dog beds

The dome-shaped bed is, as the name suggests, a roofed bed, usually divided into two types, half-covered and full-covered. This kind of bed is most suitable for use in winter, and it can exert excellent heat preservation in cold spaces.


Dog Mat


This is the simplest and most basic type of bed. It is a mattress with no edges or top cover. According to different needs, the material of the cushion will change accordingly.


How To Choose The Right Dog Bed


  1. Confirm the size


If you have observed dogs sleeping, you will find that they are usually curled up when they sleep, but this does not mean that the dog bed only needs to be curled up enough. The bed does not necessarily have to allow it to fully stretch its legs to sleep, but at least it must be able to lie comfortably around it.


  1. Choose the right type


beds come in different shapes and sizes, but the specific choice depends on the individual’s sleep preferences. Some big dogs like to lie flat, so an unfettered mattress bed may be more suitable for it. Dogs who like to curl up can choose a square bed. This kind of bed can give them a sufficient sense of security and let them feel at ease. As for dogs who are afraid of cold, a dome bed with good thermal performance may be a good choice.


  1. Choose the right material


The materials used for the bed should be healthy and comfortable. In addition, the owner also needs to consider dog breed characteristics and seasonal changes when choosing materials. It is best to choose cool and breathable materials for the bed of long-haired dogs that adapt to cold climates. On the contrary, short-haired dogs who are not cold-tolerant need to choose materials with better thermal performance.


  1. Special needs


Finally, the owner of the dog’s own special circumstances must also be taken into consideration. If the dog is larger or has joint problems, a bed made of memory material may make them more comfortable; if the dog is more insecure, choosing a covered bed will make them more secure.




As the best space for dogs to rest and relax, a suitable dog bed is helpful to the dog’s physical and mental development. When choosing a bed for the dog, the owner should not only consider the appearance but also consider the dog’s own needs and choose the best one.

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