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How To Get Your Dog Used To Wheelchair

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new generation dog wheelchairIf your dog loses the ability to walk on its hind legs because of IVDD, giving your dog a wheelchair will change their life. It will not only help your dog walk and run, but also improve their body and mind. In addition, having a dog wheelchair can also increase strength and endurance and keep the dog moving.
So, how to get your dog used to their new wheelchair?

Let Them Get Familiar With Dog Wheelchair

I believe that as a parent of a dog, you have spent countless time and energy in choosing a dog wheelchair. It is very important to be able to buy a wheelchair suitable for your dog, but your dog may take some time before it is officially used. Come get familiar with the use of a dog wheelchair and develop a habit of conditioning.
You can put the dog wheelchair in the room and let the dog check it by himself. When the dog shows interest in the wheelchair and sniffs, please consider giving rewards, so that you can develop a good reflex that puts the dog in the wheelchair linked to rewards.

Keep Patient

Slowly put your dog into the wheelchair and keep calm. The dog may feel impatient during this process. If you feel very depressed, don’t worry, stop and rest first. Don’t force your dog when using the dog wheelchair for the first time.

There is a lot of pressure to make the dog feel that this is a great experience, start in an open space so that your dog can adapt to the wheelchair and its feelings without worrying about touching anything.

One Small Step Makes Great Sucess

When your dog tries to get in a new wheelchair for the first time, don’t expect to let him run fast. This may be the first time your dog can walk in a long time. The big challenge, don’t expect them to go for a long time the first time.

As your dog gets used to the wheelchair, extend the time they walk so that they are not too tired. 5-10 minutes is a more appropriate length of time. Later, adding a few minutes to each walk to increase their stay time in the dog wheelchair, which is very helpful for them to slowly build their endurance and strength.

Give Them More Encouragement

Ideally, your dog should associate the wheelchair with the feeling of happiness, and reward them when they take the first step, such as feeding them snacks to show their appreciation, giving them a toy that they like, or Take the person or dog they like for a walk.

Every milestone should be celebrated along the way. Your dog may not realize that it is okay to relax in a wheelchair. You can take some steps to encourage them:

  • If your dog’s tail is very long, lift it up and hang it on the back rail of the wheechair. This can avoid interference and make it easier for them to defecate.
  • Take them to their favorite potty position. This will not only encourage them to walk but also make them more comfortable.
  • When they relax to enhance their actions, praise them and give them a lot of hospitality.

In short, for dogs using wheelchairs for the first time, this is a new attempt. We would rather let the dogs adapt slowly by themselves than forcing them. When they are used to the assistance of the wheelchair, they will actively ask you to put them in a wheelchair.

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