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One of the most common chronic diseases people face is arthritis. However, people should realize the the fact that arthritis is not only a problem that affects people, but also pets. Dogs can be considered one of the indispensable family members, and it will be heartbreaking to see dogs living in pain. Sadly, arthritis is the culprit of pain.

What causes arthritis in dogs?

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease, which is a disorder of the human immune system.When this happens, the inflammation loses control. This will cause the body to break down its cartilage, to alleviating joint discomfort. Without this kind of cartilage, the surfaces of multiple bones begin to rub against each other. This leads to skeletal degradation, pain and further inflammation, which makes the problem worse.

Obviously, it is crucial for pet owners to know how they can help their dogs with arthritis. Through an all-round treatment to arthritis, the pet owner can improve the quality of life of the dog and make his or her face smile again!

1.Regular dog examination is crucial

One of the most important parts of preventing chronic diseases in dogs is preventive care. All dogs need to see a veterinarian at least once a year. This allows veterinarians to monitor the development of arthritis in pets.

Usually, through medical examination and laboratory work, the veterinarian can notice the signs and symptoms of arthritis before the pet owner realizes something wrong. This allows veterinarians to make treatment plans that can slow down the progress of the disease, which will be significantly improving their quality of life. Once diagnosed, the veterinarian can also track arthritis and change the treatment plan if necessary.

2.Weight control is the key

Maintaining the slimness and health of dogs has always been one of the most effective solutions for the treatment of arthritis. The focus of arthritis is to reduce inflammation and joint stress. The healthy diet can accomplish both tasks at the same time.

Pet owners need to make sure the foods they selected that can keep dogs slim, by losing weight to reduce joint stress. In addition, the special diet can reduce the inflammation level of the whole body of pets. This will slow down the deterioration of cartilage and relieve the overworked joint pressure of dogs with arthritis.

3.Invest in dogs’ physiotherapy

Pet owners can also work with veterinarians to determine the suitable physiotherapy for dogs with arthritis. Although it may sound counterintuitive to make dogs do that when there is pain in the dog’s joint, it is crucial to take moderate exercise, which I s important because it will strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons inside and around the joints.

The stronger these organizations are, the less work the bones will do. This means that the joints will have a chance to rest and recover. Make sure that dogs play on a solid surface as much as possible. This will reduce the chance that pets are injured while walking, running or playing.

4.Trust dogs to lift their seat belts

Another effective treatment for pets with arthritis is to use patern straps, such as K9 Carts’ EZ Lift handheld seat belt. This is a device designed to wrap the body of the dog on the other side with a long handle.

The main advantage of the dog lift seat belt is that it provides pet owners with a way to relieve the pressure on their limbs, especially when standing or pushing the hind limbs.

Pet owners can help dogs lift them, thus reducing the gravity of their legs, hips or spine. This lifting also increases the space between the joints. This can prevent friction between the surface of the bones, thus alleviating pain and inflammation.

Dogs are particularly useful in lifting their seat belts in some cases. This includes helping dogs climb up or down a set of stairs, helping dogs in trouble get in the car, and helping dogs get to the bathroom. These tasks may be particularly difficult for dogs with arthritis. Pulling the seat belt can greatly simplify them.

5.Rely on a wheelchair

Of course, for some dogs, wheelchairs will be a better choice. Many progress has been made in the field of canine wheelchairs in the past few years. This makes the wheelchair more versatile, durable and comfortable than ever before. A perfect example of these advances is the HiHydro Dog Wheelchair

Some of the benefits of wheelchairs include improving posture, alleviating pain, increasing mobility and improving mobility. In addition, these wheelchairs are widely used not only for arthritis, they can also help dogs with hip dysplasia, paralysis and acute injury.

Of course, not all wheelchairs are the same. Because dogs have various shapes and sizes, it is important to find a wheelchair that is comfortable for dogs. It’s also important to look at the wheels and then consider whether foam wheels or artificial tires will be better.

Foam wheels are more durable and not easy to pierce. However, inflatable tires can provide better suspension performance and allow dogs to drive more easily. Finally, consider using a fully adjustable wheelchair, which allows users to adjust height, length and width to perfectly meet the needs of dogs. Wheelchairs are a good solution for pets with arthritis.

6.Keep the dogs warm.

Please try to keep dogs warm if possible. The cold temperature will aggravate the joints troubled by arthritis, as it will shrink the body’s tissues and put more pressure on the stimulated joints.

In order to keep dogs as warm as possible, please use blankets, or consider to buy a bed with cushions, and use warm and hot compresses to relieve stimulated joints. When dogs with arthritis remain warm, any discomfort will be kept to a minimum.

7.Discuss medication options with veterinarians.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to discuss drug choices with trained veterinarians. Normally the painkillers start with a small dose, and then gradually increase. Therefore, veterinarians usually start treatment with drugs called NSAID.

These are similar to Tylenol and Mortraline, which can reduce the inflammation of arthritis dogs. As time goes by, veterinarians may need to strengthen drug treatment to provide stronger choices. It’s better to discuss with veterinarians on a case-by-case basis.

Solutions can be used in dogs with arthritis.

These are just a few options to help dogs with arthritis. It’s heartbreaking to see dogs with arthritis living in pain. Using the above solutions, this chronic disease can be solved in multiple directions, and pet owners and medical providers can respond appropriately to the arthritis of dogs.