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We often hear some incorrect statements about dog wheelchairs. There is a lot of information about dog wheelchairs. If you can’t distinguish the good from bad, this article is to let more people know the truth about dog wheelchairs.

Only The Paralyzed Dog Need Wheelchair

For dog wheelchairs, many people have a misunderstanding that if the dog is not paralyzed, there is no need to use a wheelchair. This view is incorrect. There are many reasons why a dog needs a wheelchair. In fact, they include:

  • Difficult to maintain balance
  • For long journeys
  • Hind leg muscle atrophy
  • Joint pain caused by arthritis or hip dysplasia
  • Weak hind legs
  • Unsteady or swaying gait
  • Trauma or trauma recovery
  • Recovery after surgery

The biggest function of a dog wheelchair is to prevent your dog from causing more damage due to lack of assistance during the recovery period. Many dogs who are not paralyzed are also using dog wheelchairs.

The Dog Wheelchair Will Not Makes Your Dog Becoming “Lazy”

This is also a misunderstanding to dog wheelchairs. Would you bear to see that your dog is depressed because it can’t walk normally, especially when the dog sees other dogs running, but he can only lie on the ground but do nothing, wheelchair can help them to be as active as other dogs.

In addition, using a dog wheelchair does not mean that your dog no longer uses its legs. When using a dog wheelchair, the dog can still walk on four legs and exercise its hind legs. The design of the dog wheelchair is to help the dog recover its hind legs. Many pet experts also recommend the use of wheelchairs to strengthen rehabilitation training.

The material of the HiHydro dog wheelchair is very light, which can fully allow the dog to exercise its muscles without putting pressure on the dog.

The Dog Wheelchair Can Help Dogs Walk Again

I often hear this saying: Once a dog gets in a wheelchair, they will never walk again. This is a ridiculous idea. The purpose of a dog wheelchair is to help the dog to resume walking, and scientific exercises can maintain the strength of the dog’s hind legs.

Without the help of a dog wheelchair, the dog’s weight will be all on the front legs. After a long time, the dog’s hind legs will shrink more. HiHydro’s wheelchair is designed to help restore the dog’s hind legs.

Do Not Treat The Paralyzed Dog And The Healthy Dog Differently

Who says that disabled dogs cannot enjoy the happy life as healthy dogs?

Please do not treat them differently. In fact, disabled dogs should have more rights to enjoy life than normal dogs. Many dog parents want to abandon them when they find that their dogs are disabled. This is irresponsible behavior.

Since you have become their parents, you are responsible for them, regardless of whether they are sick or healthy.