Tips Of Caring For Your Dogs With IVDD

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If your dog is diagnosed with a herniated lumbar intervertebral disc, you will definitely feel sad and don’t know what to do to make the dog feel comfortable. The following methods can make your dog slowly recover from IVDD.


Best Way To Lift A IVDD Dog

Using the lift harness is a good way to restore IVDD because after dogs get IVDD, their backs are very painful and they cannot move. You can use the lift harness to help them.

If you want to take the dogs out of the cage, don’t pull them hard. You should lift them as gently as possible. Always keep the spine aligned when lifting. When you put them on the ground, touch the ground gently. If you use a lift harness To support your dog, you should use the lift harness used to treat IVDD to provide full-body support. Choose a lift harness that can evenly support the dog’s spine and hind legs.


Best Way To Walk A Dog With Back Hurt

If the dog is in the initial stage of IVDD, the dog needs to be placed in the Crate to avoid strenuous activities of the dog. Nevertheless, the dog still needs to stand and walk to maintain strength.
Dogs with back injuries should not take a walk for more than 5 minutes without too much effort. According to the advice of the veterinarian, try not to lead them to walk.

During the recovery period of IVDD, it is necessary to wear the correct harness for the dog. Dogs suffering from IVDD or back injuries should avoid wearing a collar, which will cause too much pressure on the dog’s neck.
Using harness can reduce the pressure on the dog’s neck and avoid the risk of increased pain in the back due to traction.
Another way to reduce the pressure on the dog’s neck is to raise the dog’s things and the water bowl, so that the dog can maintain a standing posture when eating and drinking, without bending and straining.
Dogs that are paralyzed or have limited mobility use a special lifting harness that can support the pet from below so that your dog can continue to walk outside to relax.


Back Support To IVDD Dogs

For IVDD dogs, it is very important to support the spine and keep the back straight during the recovery process. IVDD’s back brace can keep the dog’s back aligned and provide support when moving. The dog back brace can not only fully support your dog’s spine and surrounding muscles, but also the support can reduce back pain and make your dog better. Easy to stay active.

So when choosing Dog back brace, you should make sure that it is designed by a professional company, specifically designed to restore the dog’s spine disease. In addition, what else should you pay attention to?

  • The back brace should support the entire back and spine, including the waist and lower back.
  • It can be disassembled freely to increase the range of motion when the dog recovers
  • The material is breathable and comfortable throughout the day
  • Follow the dog’s back to reduce spine pressure
  • Easy to put on and take off

Tall dog breeds are at higher risk of IVDD, slipping discs, and other canine back diseases. The design of the vertebrae takes these varieties into consideration. Looking for a Dachshund Back Bracket, the small vertebrae are very suitable. For the back support frame of the Corgi, please choose the medium vertebra.

Physiotherapy Also Help IVDD Recovery

Using physical therapy can also help dogs regain their strength. During physical therapy, your dog can get up, stand alone, sit down and even improve gait.
Some dogs may lose the ability to walk on their hind legs during this period. You can use a dog wheelchair to slowly recover, but you must first consult your pet doctor if you can use a wheelchair for your dog.
Every dog has the same degree of illness, and the degree of recovery will be different, and the time required will be different. At this time, you need to listen to the advice of the veterinarian, don’t worry, and keep patient.
Most dogs will feel comfortable after the first week of physical therapy, and will slowly regain their ability to walk within 1-2 months, so you must have confidence in yourself. Even if the final result is not satisfactory, the dog can be allowed to use a dog wheelchair.

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