What Is A Calming Dog Bed?

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You want your best friend’s naps to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. A bed that helps your dog to feel safe and secure will also help them to sleep better and be calmer when they’re in their bed. Here’s what you need to know about dog calming beds and how to choose the best one for your pup.

What is a Dog Calming Bed?

Calming beds are designed to do more than give your dog somewhere soft to sleep. Calming beds also make it easier for your dog to relax and improves their quality of sleep. Here are some of the benefits of calming beds:

  • Improve sleep. Enable your dog to assume their most natural sleeping position and sleep better through the night. Beds that enable both curlings up and sprawling out. Let your dog choose their ideal sleep position.
  • Ease joint pain. These beds are designed to be thick and comfortable, with fibers that support your dog’s weight and ensure that joints don’t push through onto the hard floor. Dogs who haven’t been a fan of typical orthopedic beds are likely to prefer calming beds.
  • Reduce separation anxiety. Soft, plush beds with faux fur replicate the feeling that dogs have when they snuggle against each other or their mother. Such a bed can help puppies get over being separated from their siblings and help dogs who experience separation anxiety from their people.

What to Look for in a Dog Calming Bed

There are a number of different calming dog beds on the market for the needs of different dogs. Here’s what you need to know about what kinds of beds will benefit what kinds of dogs.

Donut Beds

The most versatile choice for smaller dogs

Donut beds may be the original beds designed to calm and comfort dogs. They are among the best, especially for smaller dogs. Donut beds are designed to give your dog options in how they sleep.

The bolsters of the “donut” fold over your dog’s body when they push against it, giving a supportive, snuggly feeling. If your dog would rather sprawl out, the donut pushes down into the bed, offering a flatter, supportive surface.

They come in different sizes, but larger sizes may be less adept at offering a good snuggly bolster for big dogs. For little dogs, these beds are hard to beat.

What to Look for in a Donut Bed

  • Water-resistant bottom. The plush material of this kind of bed will quickly get dirty and be prone to absorbing moisture, so make sure you choose a model with a water-resistant bottom.
  • Machine washable. The faux fur and the filling will absorb dog odor over time, so you want a donut bed that you can thoroughly wash in the machine.
  • BuoyantUnless the filling of your dog’s donut bed can hold their shape, the donut will be squashed and useless before long. Make sure the bed you choose has a robust filling that can hold up to your dog’s weight and support their joints over time.
  • Thick fur. Donut beds are designed to be plush and replicated a mother dog’s fur to comfort your dog. Thin faux fur or shorter fur, or any other material, won’t have the same benefits.

Bolstered Beds

Best for large dogs

Bolstered Beds offer solid support for larger dogs to push against them and feel thoroughly supported. They typically have bolsters on three sides, with the third side open for paws to stick off.

When your big dog wants to sprawl, they can rest their head on the bolster and have legs off the edge. The best-bolstered beds offer orthopedic padding in the mattress that won’t break down over time, even with lots of nesting, to provide comfort for your dog’s joints.

These beds usually don’t have thick faux fur like donut beds, so they may not be as calming by simulating a mother dog. However, a faux fur blanket can easily be draped over to a similar effect and look quite attractive.

What to Look for in a Bolster Bed

  • Sturdy bolsters.If the bolsters flatten out when your dog puts weight on them, they won’t do any good. Make sure the bolsters are thick and can stand up to some weight.
  • Orthopedic foam. Orthopedic memory foam is very comfortable and keeps your dog’s joints healthy. If you’re concerned that it might be to warm for your dog, consider a bed with a cooling gel.
  • Removable cover.You can’t expect these beds to go through the wash, so it’s smart to have a removable cover so that you can keep it clean.

Pet Cave Bed

Best for very anxious dogs

For dogs that want to hide from the world when they’re feeling worried, the pet cave might be the perfect answer. These beds have a standard bed portion with a cozy cover attached over part of it so that your dog can nestle under the cover and completely hide.

This is a great choice for dogs who like to burrow under blankets and ideal for dogs who are often cold as well. They are best for snuggling, but your dog can also lay on top of the cover to sprawl out if they want to.

What to Look for in a Pet Cave

  • Thick bed. Sometimes, these types of beds don’t offer as thick a main bed portion. Since your dog will be lying under the blanket most of the time, be sure that the bed is thick enough without it.
  • Removable cover.You might not always want to have the bed covered, so a removable cover is very convenient.
  • Covers about half the bed. Ideally, the cover should be over half the bed and the bed should be big for your dog, enabling your dog to choose whether to burrow or not.

Ways to Make a Dog Calming Bed more Effective

  • Calming pheromones. Calming pheromones work very well for some dogs and not at all for others. It may be worth a try to put a few drops of calming pheromone on the bed to see if it helps your dog.
  • Put in a covered crate. Many dogs find a covered, den-like area to be soothing. If your dog seems anxious even when they’re in the bed, try putting it in a covered crate to increase feelings of security.
  • Respect your dog’s bed. Make sure that other pets, children, and guests don’t bother your dog in the bed. Only pet your dog in the bed if they seem to invite it by rolling over, looking at you and wagging their tail, Etc.

Choose a Bed that will Calm your Dog

Don’t settle for a bed that your dog can sleep in comfortably. A dog calming bed will make your dog sleep better and can even relieve anxiety. The right calming bed for your dog may be a big difference in both of your lives.






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