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Where To Buy Dog Wheelchairs-Dog Wheelchair Review

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It was very sad when our beloved dogs become handicapped one day.

There are a couple of reasons that our dogs become handicapped:

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) – Deterioration of the discs, or pads that cushion the vertebrae of the spine.
  • Muscle soreness – Due to age, injury, not enough exercise, diet, and more.
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) – The animal is not in pain, but there is a disconnect between the animal’s brain and nervous system causing wobbling, dragging feet, and more.
  • Weakness – Any type of weakness of the limbs
  • Injuries of any kind can make it hard for an animal to walk.
  • Recovery from Surgery – After surgery, animals can experience difficulty walking, or the surgeon may recommend the animal “stay off his feet.”
  • Spinal problems
  • Paralysis – Animals can experience paralysis, temporary or permanent
  • Arthritis – A common ailment that can make it hard to walk.
  • Amputations – often due to accident or cancer
  • Neurological – Any type of brain damage can result in mobility issues
  • Dysplasia can make it difficult and painful for a dog or an animal to walk
  • Knee, ACL tear – Often an injury or accident will cause a tear in the knee or ACL.

The first thing we need to do when we find out our dog become handicapped is to ask help from a professional veterinarian.

Buying your dog a wheelchair is one of the suggestions the veterinarian will suggest.

However, where can we buy the dog wheelchair for our handicapped dogs?

I would like to offer a list of some well-known dog wheelchair vendors for you.

No.1 Dogpetsmart Dog Wheelchair was founded by Larry Cheung in 2015.

Larry Cheung is the owner of 2 disabled dogs, he started in the hope of helping more handicapped dogs.

The best seller of their shop is New generation purple style dog wheelchair. This is the best looking dog wheelchair I have ever seen before.

Some of the features of this dog wheelchair:


  • Price is under $150
  • The newest generation of dog wheelchairs with higher quality, it’s a good helper for disabled pets.
  • Removable socket design, knob installation saves effort.
  • Abdominal support design-make your pet feel more comfortable and stable.
  • The 2-wheel wheelchair is only for the pet hind leg disability,you can raise it’s hind leg,if it can walk use it’s forelegs,our wheelchair will help it walk.
  • This wheelchair has a durable, light weight aluminum frame and adjustable harnesses to provide optimal comfort and mobility.
  • The height\width and length of the pet wheelchair all can be adjustable, it can suit to your pet within limits.
  • Come with dog leash which you can use it when walking with your dog.


No.2 Walkin’ Wheels by


Walkin’ Wheels are designed for the small dog with disablities.

The wheelchair is made of light weight and durable aluminum alloy, The harness is made to be fully adjustable, thereby offering a high level of both comfort and mobility.


Best Friend Mobility


If your dogs had the problem of rear legs, then I would suggest to buy the dog wheelchair from theirs.


They provide the dog wheelchair made of the aluminum which is quite easy to set up and adjust the height.


It is suitable for dogs that measure between 20 and 26 inches when you start this from the floor to the top of their back at the hindquarters


Some of the features:

  • Lightweight adjustable aluminum frame (non-rust)
  • Deluxe neoprene front and rear harness for complete comfort
  • Easy hex wrench adjustment of height, length, and width
  • Pet can use the cart for assisted walking or full rear leg support—with zero rear leg weight bearing
  • All terrain polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings
  • Easy clip-on function front harness system

No.3 K9 Carts Dog Wheelchair


K9 Carts is the only pet mobility company established in the field of Veterinary medicine to give you expert guidance.


It is made in USA with light weight and high quality. They are designed by the industrial designers who are pet owner themselves.


Key features of K9 Carts dog wheelchair:


  • New patented slide adjustment system. Infinite adjustment in seconds.
  • Weight is critical. Approximately 1/3 the weight of all competitors wheelchairs.
  • Custom made wheels. Wheels designed and made specifically for the new RX design.
  • Convert support in seconds. Add and remove front support instantly.
  • A new standard in wheelchairs. Every aspect of our new design has been redesigned, streamlined, and optimized for ease of use and functionality.


No.4 Eddie’s Wheels


Eddie’s Wheels Pet wheelchairs are designed and manufactured in the USA for a variety of handicapped animals.


The world’s best custom built pet wheelchair at an affordable price, starting at $355.


Key Features of Eddie;s Wheels dog wheelchair:


  • Custom-built, tailored and engineered to match your pet’s disability and body shape.
  • Welded, padded saddle gives your pet solid support on its pelvic floor, eliminating chafing to delicate soft tissue.
  • Lightweight solid aluminum construction with wheels to match your pet’s terrain.
  • Adjustable for height and length.
  • Our exclusive Variable axle carts allow owners to change the balance of the cart to compensate for increasing weakness in the front legs for dogs with degenerative myelopathy.
  • Easy to use, indestructible and warranteed for the life of your pet.
  • Hand Made in the USA in our own workshop in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, and exported all over the world!

No.5 Doggon’ Wheels


Doggon’ Wheels  is a small company with over 40 years combined experience in meeting the needs of disabled pets.


Key features of doggon’ wheels


  • Light Weight Frame – Yet strong enough to easily support large breed pets weighing up to 250 pounds.
  • Pneumatic Wheels- Air filled tires with a sealed maintenance free bearing cartridge to give your pet the most comfortable ride available. Allows your pet to maneuver over a wide variety of terrain- grass, gravel, sand, pavement, and rocky, uneven terrain.
  • Stirrups – allow pets without sufficient use of the rear legs to rest their legs comfortably. If the pet is able to move the legs, it allows the pet to exercise the rear legs by kicking back and forth.
  • “Walking” Axle- Allows pets to use the wheelchair with the rear legs down. Our innovative design allows for greater clearance over large obstacles, which is a real bonus for vertically challenged, active pets like our dog Ben.
  • Front Harness- Keeps the wheelchair moving in sync with your pet and is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.
  • Weight Adjustment- Their wheelchairs are designed to allow you to easily balance your pets weight while in the chair. This unique feature prevents excess pressure being applied to your pets forelimbs and ensures the wheelchair is being used to its maximum potential.




The dog wheelchair vendors listed above are for your reference. My personal advice before you buy dog wheelchair:


  • Test your dog by using a towel
  • Ask for the professional advice from yourveterinarian



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